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Building and supervision

VITROBUDOWA performs all building, structural, installation, electric works and automatics and control systems.

We have the specialized and experienced management having licenses to perform this kind of work and we have competent human resources too: bricklayers, welders, fitters, electricians and automatics. Our staff has many years of experience in performance of specialized building- assembly works.

The steelwork is prepared in our workshop. Skilled workers have all necessary licenses to perform construction works.

We have specialized equipment to fast and precise performing of works connected with building and repair of glass furnaces.

The quality is our main motto at implementation of every investment.


Our scope of work:

- Supervised drain
- Supervised cooling of furnace, working end and forehearts
- Disassembly of ceramics and steelwork
- Supply and assembly of steelwork
- Supply and assembly of furnace ceramics
- Supply and assembly of firing installation
- Supply and assembly of all necessary installations for furnace
- Supply and assembly of automatics and control of furnace
- Supervised heating up of furnace, working end and forehearths
- Filling of furnace
- Hot sealing
- Start up of production

Examples of our projects

End-fired furnace to container glass – 150t/24h

Electrode furnace to borosilicate glass – 38t/24 h

Electrode furnace to cosmetic container glass – 36t/24h

Oxygen – fired furnace to solar glass – 300t/24h

We perform:

glass furnaces and forehearths

batch houses and steel structures

gas-air, oil-air, gas-oxygen firing systems

flue gases extract systems, pressure dampers

cooling systems of tank and throat

automatic and control and systems

electric boost and bubbling systems

batch towers, batch chargers, reversal dampers and recuperators