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We offer complete forehearths supply to all type of forming automatic machines. We design and supply of the straight and angular forehearths with a capacity to 120t/24h.

We offer forehearths supply to the following branch of glass industry:

- production of container glass
- production of glass blocks
- production of cosmetic glass and pharmaceutical containers
- production of borosilicate
- production of special glass
- production of lighting glass


We also offer the forehearths with the option of colouring glass. The advantages of our colouring forehearths are following:

- high homogeneity of color
- low energy consumption
- high thermal homogeneity
- very high repeatability of colors
- quick colouring
- high resistance of used refractories to corrosion caused by colouring agents

We use in all of our forehearths the latest available solutions for firing and cooling. Covers of our forehearths were especially moulded by using of mathematical modeling and next tested under production conditions. Special shape of covering plates allows to perfectly equal distribution of temperature in the cross-section of forehearth.

Design of each forehearth is supported by mathematical modeling. This eliminates any errors which can affect its later work. In addition, the supporting of design by modeling program allows to create of forehearths with minimum energy consumption, perfect temperature distribution and maximum thermal homogeneity of glass.


Depending on the needs we use forced or natural cooling and exhausting system with full automation cooperating with firing system.

Firing systems of forehearths offered by us is based on the fittings of the most reputable world producers of gas-air equipment.
To control the temperature in the forehearths we use the thermocouple with platinum caps dipped in glass. Directly before the head we assembly the three-level thermocouples which gives us the full information about thermal homogeneity of glass. In special cases we use optical pyrometers to control of glass temperature.


Delivered by us forehearths can be optionally equipped with drainage system to eliminate the dissolved zirconium dioxide. This system eliminate (to a great degree) the so-called “cat scratch” effect. We have extensive experience in elimination of “cat scratch” effect.

Examples of our projects

End-fired furnace to container glass – 150t/24h

Electrode furnace to borosilicate glass – 38t/24 h

Electrode furnace to cosmetic container glass – 36t/24h

Oxygen – fired furnace to solar glass – 300t/24h

We perform:

glass furnaces and forehearths

batch houses and steel structures

gas-air, oil-air, gas-oxygen firing systems

flue gases extract systems, pressure dampers

cooling systems of tank and throat

automatic and control and systems

electric boost and bubbling systems

batch towers, batch chargers, reversal dampers and recuperators