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Other services

Hot repairs of furnace

The scope of our activity includes all activities connected with hot repairs of furnace without shutting down of furnace.


We perform the following works:

- sealing of furnace after heat up
- plating (lining of bath by melting plates)
- cleaning of regenerative chambers
- overheating of regenerative chambers
- repair of furnace and regenerative chambers crowns
- repair of furnace and regenerative chambers walls

We have specialized equipment, qualified and experienced personnel.
We use specialized high-pressure pumps to mortar applications.


Supervised heating up and cooling

Very important part of our activity is supervised heating up and cooling of furnaces.

We have complete sets of heating up equipment consisting of:

- burners with different power and capacity
- fans
- reduction- regulatory panels equipped with safety systems
- temperature recorders
- linear motion recorders allowing to precise control of ceramic material movements during heating up

Equipment and experience we have allow us to heat up both small furnaces to domestic glassware and float furnaces. Total power of our burners is 25 MWat.

We also perform supervised cooling and heating up of forehearths.


Supervised drain

We have full set of equipment to supervised drain:

- pneumatic drills
- cooled stoppers to regulation of glass flow
- tapping spouts cooled by water
- high-pressure pumps
- scraper conveyors
- units coolling water

Equipment used by us allows to perform of supervised drain at a speed of 10 t/h.

Examples of our projects

End-fired furnace to container glass – 150t/24h

Electrode furnace to borosilicate glass – 38t/24 h

Electrode furnace to cosmetic container glass – 36t/24h

Oxygen – fired furnace to solar glass – 300t/24h

We perform:

glass furnaces and forehearths

batch houses and steel structures

gas-air, oil-air, gas-oxygen firing systems

flue gases extract systems, pressure dampers

cooling systems of tank and throat

automatic and control and systems

electric boost and bubbling systems

batch towers, batch chargers, reversal dampers and recuperators