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Quality Policy

Our success on the market depends on Customer’s perception of our products and services in relation to their needs, expectations and offer of competition.

Our main aim is strengthen and consolidation of Vitrobudowa’s competitive position on the investment services market in scope of repair and building services of technological facilities in glass and ceramic industries.

We want to achieve our aim by adjusting the construction solutions, quality planning, provision of services and selection of suppliers according to needs and expectations of our Customers, taking into account the current regulations and standards.

We achieve our quality aims by:

- using and development of quality system according to ISO 9000
- motivation and enhancement of qualifications of personnel
- cooperation only with reliable suppliers
- realization of processes in the planned and supervised conditions

Responsibility for quality:

- responsibility for quality is shared by every employee by the deliberate division of tasks and competences;
- Director of Vitrobudowa Sp. z o.o. is responsible for establishing and continuing of quality policy and ensuring of resources for its implementation.


Examples of our projects

End-fired furnace to container glass – 150t/24h

Electrode furnace to borosilicate glass – 38t/24 h

Electrode furnace to cosmetic container glass – 36t/24h

Oxygen – fired furnace to solar glass – 300t/24h

We perform:

glass furnaces and forehearths

batch houses and steel structures

gas-air, oil-air, gas-oxygen firing systems

flue gases extract systems, pressure dampers

cooling systems of tank and throat

automatic and control and systems

electric boost and bubbling systems

batch towers, batch chargers, reversal dampers and recuperators